CDT has a rich creative practice, running deep throughout our history. CDT’s performing groups present new works and repertoire throughout the year. All dancers also have the opportunity to perform at the CDT summer and winter studio parties.

Our performance groups

Recent works

2021 | GOLD 10th Anniversary Launch

2020 | Gesture and Stance

Happiness Is

2018 | Happiness Is… 40 Years of Canberra Dance Theatre

In 1978 Canberra Dance Theatre was born. In 2018 we celebrated our 40th birthday with a very special project for CDT dancers past and present, with three performances at The Street Theatre on 12, 13 and 14 October 2018. This project was directed by Jacqui Simmonds, starting with Emma Saunders’ HAPPINESS IS… creative development.

House Parties at the CDT Studio

CDT is all about the fun in dance, so we don’t do competitions. Twice a year we hold a Studio Party where all classes can come together, meet, celebrate what they do and show off to each other. It’s an open event so all are welcome and we put on a great show. June and December each year.