40 years - the show!

Happiness Is… Celebrating 40 Years of Dance … in 1978 Canberra Dance Theatre was born, and we celebrated the diversity of our dance community with classes, performances, and the joy of dance

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Dance Styles

Adult Ballet, Contemporary, join the 55+ years GOLDs, or Hilal Dance

Dance Styles

Adult Ballet

ALWAYS WANTED TO TRY BALLET? Want to get back into it? Don't be shy - try CDT's adult classes: beginners, elementary, intermediate/ advanced. 8 classes a week, at least one every day!


Adult Ballet, Contemporary, Hilal Dance, and performance

A whole bunch of classes every week! Try the GOLDs +55 years, and CDTeens extra needs classes



CONTEMPORARY CLASSES AND PERFORMANCES. Take a class! CDT has been teaching and performing contemporary dance since 1978.

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CDTeens classes 10:00am Saturdays

Age appropriate, energetic and creative dance for children and teenagers with additional needs.

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