Dance Styles


Contemporary Dance

Contemporary is a dance form that grew and evolved with modern art movements. It has less strict form than ballet and exists in the ‘now’ with many personal expressions of form and possibility. Contemporary is incorporated into the training and repertoire of many dance schools and companies throughout the world. It is the training for many Australian independent dancers. Expect to work on the floor, standing and travelling. As in a ballet class, there is likely to be a focus on alignment and precision of movement, but with much more movement of the spine. Content may focus on movement concepts like giving into gravity and use of effort; and also qualities of movement.


Adult Ballet

Ballet (also called ‘Classical’) is the cherished basis for professional dance, having evolved over several centuries to become a highly graceful dance art form. Though differing techniques have slight variations in placement and vocabulary, they all share a focus on technical placement, posture, fluidity and momentum. Ballet is a foundation for contemporary dance. Ballet for adults is relaxing, fun, and is a stimulating alternative to the gym. Plus it’s excellent for the mind!

Read more about ballet classes and class levels offered at CDT.

Hilal Dance

Hilal Dance is wonderful for beginners and experienced dancers alike who have an interest in posture, yoga, breathing, getting fit and integrating body, mind and emotion as well as those interested in exploring their physical expression. Hilal Dance technique encompasses holistic, breath-based body training and a movement system which encourages exploration of expression through music and rhythm. Dance experience is not necessary and classes are open to men and women.

Switch off from work. Switch on to YOU! Breathe, Dance, Stretch, Move. Based on her training in Hilal Dance, Rachael will guide you through each session with breathing to re-energise and reconnect you; yoga to relax and re-engage you; dance to re-vitalise and re-invigorate you; movement to re-focus and re-ground you.

Read more about Hilal and some notes for Hilal beginners here.

Contemporary Belly Dance

What students are saying:

Supportive environment and empowering choreography. The perfect place to learn a conversation-starting new skill.

Sophie, 2023

This is an open-level class for anyone wanting to learn foundation movements for belly dance or perfect their technique. The class draws on Middle Eastern dance traditions and music as well as modern interpretations from around the world, providing a fun introduction to belly dance, or an opportunity for more experienced belly dancers to explore a different style.

We will work on drills, movement combinations and choreographies so you can participate in performance opportunities, or just enjoy the ride.

Adults of all ages are welcome to this inclusive class. Wear clothes you are comfortable stretching and moving in. We usually dance in bare feet, but socks or soft-soled shoes can also be worn if you prefer.

Sword Dance

What students are saying:

“Sword dancing with Bronwyn is the highlight of my week! Before joining these classes I had never danced with a sword before, but I soon fell in love with the beautiful movements, fun choreographies and the welcoming environment Bronwyn fosters. If you’re curious just dive in, you won’t regret it!”

Jamie, 2023

Building on the movements explored in the contemporary belly dance class, students have the opportunity to stretch themselves with more challenging dance technique and by adding props such as veils, finger cymbals and of course swords! With roots in Egyptian and Turkish belly dance, Raqs al-Saïf—the sword dance—probably developed out of a playful female interpretation of a men’s martial dance. Contemporary belly dance styling has transformed it again from a coquettish ‘trick’ into a powerful, majestic expression of strength and poise.

New students are welcome to try out this class only during the first four weeks of each term.

This class welcomes adult dancers of all ages with some experience of Middle Eastern or other dance forms looking to extend their skill set—if you’re not sure, Bronwyn will be happy to discuss the class with you. Bring a blunt dance sword if you have one, but we have some you can borrow in class if you haven’t. We also sometimes use kneepads, as well as light hand weights (no more than 1.5 kg) to build stamina for wielding that sword.


GOLD at Parliament House

GOLD is a CDT dance class for people who are 55 years and over. Classes are designed for people who are able to move independently and without mobility aids. No prior dance experience is necessary but a sense of humour and willingness to ‘have a go’ is advised. Working mainly through contemporary dance technique and creative work, the focus is on fitness, mobility, sociability and creativity.

GOLD also encompasses workshops and performance opportunities. Some of the GOLD performance group have danced since childhood, others were completely new to dance when they joined. Since being established in 2011, GOLD has worked with nationally and internationally recognised choreographers and performed publicly more than 100 times, locally, nationally and internationally.

GOLD dancers challenge community stereotypes of who older people are and what they offer to society. Through dance, GOLD participants continue to lead lives full of creative challenges, exploring themes of significance to themselves and their community.

Read more about GOLD.


CDTribe Performance

CDTribe is age appropriate, energetic and creative dance for teenagers and young people with additional needs. Fun and active classes that provide a range of movement and dance activities. Classes involve warm-up/ fitness/ co-ordination tasks, learning a variety of dances, problem solving and improvisation, and a relaxing cool down.

These classes offer lots of opportunities for the students to work with each other and/or their parent/carer. Fun for all generations!

A sample of contemporary class