About GOLD

GOLD was originally part of a ten week performance project for over 55s in early 2011, in association with the National Library of Australia and Belconnen Arts Centre, and supported by the ACT Government under the ACT Health Promotion Grants Program. But everyone had such an excellent time they continue to explore movement and choreography to stimulate heart, mind and soul.

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GOLD works


Carol Brown

Performed as part of Out of the Frame.

Gathering Threads
Jacqui Simmonds


The Green Fuse
Carol Brown

Performed as part of CDT’s 40th Anniversary.

The Green Fuse is based on is based on the Dylan Thomas poem The Force That Through The Green Fuse Drives The Flower. It’s about our connection with all things in the universe through the force of energy that permeates everything.

The Green Fuse was a special commission with Carol Brown from Wales, thanks to the relationship Philip Piggin built with Carol while he was dancing and teaching in Wales.

Carol is the founder director of the award winning Dynion Male Dance Company who have toured to 11 different countries.  She has worked in Europe, Africa and Asia Minor including on the Adugna Project street children in Ethiopia. She has instigated and organised cultural exchanges for Welsh groups with partners in Germany, Lithuania, Uganda, South Africa Spain and Scotland.  She recently set up the Troy Boyz company who perform street dance to Greek classics and the Dragons Heart & Dragons Soul Company of diverse capacity artists who dance meaningful full length pieces unaided by volunteers.


Circles in a Circle
Gretel Burgess

In the Village
Gretel Burgess


Performed in Great Sport! at the National Museum of Australia:

Liz Lea

Grand Finale
Martin del Amo

None of us want to be in calm waters all our lives
Kate Denborough

First and Last
Gerard van Dyck


Group One
Glen Murray

Three Gunnas
Dr Elizabeth Cameron Dalman OAM

Rolling in the Deep
Morag Deyes


Something to Remember
Dr Stephanie Burridge


Pop Art
Liz Lea

The Incense
Liz Lea

Chromosome 16
Meg Milland

Meg Milland

Dewi Ratna
Jade Tyas Tunngal

Black GOLD
Tammi Gissell


Air Kiss
Glen Murray

Indian Light
Liz Lea


Baroque Flock
Liz Lea, with assistance from Philip Piggin

This is not an exhaustive list.

Panpapanpalya 2018

Members of the GOLD group attended and performed in a Twinning project at Panpapanpalya 2018, which was the 2nd joint congress of daCi (dance and the Child international) and the World Dance Alliance Global Education and Training Network. Panpapanpalya 2018 was one of the world’s largest gatherings of dancers, dance educators, and artists of all ages. It generated new thoughts and ideas for dance learning and teaching in the 21st century. Panpapanpalya 2018 was centered on four interwoven themes: dance, gathering, generations, learning. These themes, summarised by the Aboriginal Kaurna word Panpapanpalya, honour Australia’s rich Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance practices, as well as indigenous dance cultures from around the world.

Performance videos