Canberra Recovery Plan

Classes are back to normal as we all responded to the Covid-19 challenge. We worked to enable the resumption of dance classes in the studio according to the Canberra Recovery Plan. There are some cleaning procedures to keep everyone happy and safe and happy. CDT has a Covid-19 Safety Plan and a copy can be downloaded here.

For Hirers
Hirers are also subject to the same regulations as CDT. Regular hirers charging for their classes are required to have a Covid-19 Safety Plan.

The studio is still available for hire but hirers must practice all recommended sanitation including sanitising hands on entry and exit. Our greatest concern is the studio being used by someone who is virus-positive.

Good hygiene includes:

  • Washing your hands well with soap and water. Please do this before and after class.
  • Using a tissue and covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze. There are extra tissue boxes in the studio, halls and change rooms.
  • Avoiding close contact with others, such as touching.

As usual, if you feel unwell, especially if you have cold & flu symptoms, please do not attend the studio even if it is unattended.

Current health advice is available at

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