Image of Hilal dancers

Hilal Contemporary

Hilal Dance provides an engaging and fun way to learn about body confidence, becoming centred, good posture, core strength, agility and grace. The 40 minute yoga style warm-up has a strong emphasis on breathwork to help you align, stretch and become centred before you dance to an extensive range of music from traditional Middle Eastern to Hip Hop. Dance experience is not necessary and classes are open to men and women.

Hilal Dance

  • unblocks tension and extends the power and flexibility of your body’s movement range
  • promotes a strong awareness of centre and ease in movement
  • grounds and centres your body
  • concepts can expand your existing dance/movement knowledge
  • provides an expressive tool to compliment other body training and dance disciplines

 “feet stepping to the earth’s heartbeat,
body whirling, turning the rotations of planets, stars reflecting in her eyes, the dancer opens her lyrical arms, and enfolds the universe.”

(anonymous: translated from Arabic)

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