CDT is for anyone 16+ interested in dance. We do dance for the art, not for exams, so you won’t do eisteddfods or exams. Please check the Notes for First-Timers for Beginner Ballet classes.

Who are the classes for?

  • Adults who enjoy dance and movement, at any level. Of course, some classes are for the more experienced, as noted by ‘beginner’, then ‘elementary’, intermediate’ etc
  • Dancers wishing to develop further skills, maintain technique and fitness through technique classes
  • Dance artists, including performers, teachers, choreographers and community dance practitioners
  • People interested in being involved Canberra Dance Theatre performance opportunities
  • Actors, musicians, visual artists, circus performers, calisthenics and gymnastic competitors

How do I enrol in a class?

  • Choose your preferred class from the weekly class timetable
  • Register at the studio 10 to 15 minutes before class commences
  • You do not need to pre-book into a class
  • Provide your name and contact phone number to the class administrator, and pay for the class
  • Please tell the instructor of any relevant injuries or conditions before the class begins
  • Bring a bottle of water to sip during the class

How can I take advantage of CDT’s trial offer?

  • First time students at CDT can attend a trial week. Pay for your first class and hold onto the receipt to be able to attend any class throughout the week and see what is on offer
  • You will need to start paying fees and membership if you come back for a second week

When do I need to pay the annual membership fee?

  • You must pay the annual membership fee no later than your second week. This covers you for accident insurance
  • If you are buying a dance card, you must be a member or purchase membership at the same time

My first time – what should I wear?

  • Clothes should be comfortable and allow you to bend and stretch easily. Exercise clothes are perfect so long as they are not baggy. Dress like you’d dress for a gym. You can buy dancewear as you become more comfortable in class
  • Bare feet or socks are suitable for most classes. Ballet shoes can be worn at the discretion of the individual but are recommended. 10% Member discounts at Attitude dancewear in Mitchell!
  • If unsure about clothing or footwear please discuss this with your teacher before class

Do you run children’s ballet classes?

Special Needs Classes?

Yes! CDTeens is perfect. Age appropriate, energetic and creative dance for children and teenagers with additional needs, with two instructors and parent participation.


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