Canberra Dance Theatre

Welcome to the CDT website! This is your link to the best range of dance classes and programs in the ACT for adults, children with aditional needs and parents who'd like to dance with their tiny tots. CDT has been operating in the ACT since 1978, providing quality dance classes, programs and performances -  locally, nationally and internationally.



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What's New

Hello to everyone interested in what Canberra Dance Theatre is up to in 2016.  The new year has started with a bang. In January we held our three week Summer Holiday Ballet Program and two GOLD intensives to prepare for the exciting Great Sport event that's happening in April at the National Museum of Australia with funding secured by Liz Lea, our Artistic Director.  

Belly Dancing returns on Wednesdays at 6.00pm.  Fantastic Fans is on again and proving very popular on Tuesdays at 6.00 pm.  

There are now 2 ballet classes at an elementary level (Mondays and Wednesdays).  The Wednesday class is good for beginners who have developed foundation skills and want a bit more of a challenge.  The Monday class is a little harder.  

There are also 2 ballet classes at a beginners level (Fridays and Sundays). Even if you've never done any dance, the beginners classes will be a good place to start.  

GOLDs too have a new beginners class on Wednesday mornings.  And on Sundays at 3.30 pm CDT has introduced multicultural classes, 5 weeks at a time. We are starting with Traditional Korean Fan Dancing so praps you'd like to give that a go? Other interesting cross cultural dance experiences will be announced as they evolve, so watch this space.  But you can expect Bollywood classes in the second half of the term.

On a more practical note, CDT relies heavily on (and very much values) the help of our admin people. They come in before classes to register all the students for each class, record attendance, take the money and make sure everything balances.  It's a big responsibility which we reward with a free dance class each time they do it.   At the moment we're looking for someone to do admin on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5.40 pm. 

Upcoming events

The Multicultural Performance was a huge success, including a great turn by the CDTeens who performed their African Dance, choreographed by Kylee Sharp, to a delighted audience.


Learning by Heart with Tammi and the contact improvisation workshop with Ralf, held Saturday 13 Feb, were well attended and enjoyed by all.  Good to see new faces turn up.

There are no changes in the fee structure this year.  See Fees.