Dance Artists

liz-carmen768x270CDT encourages artists to develop projects at CDT through space residencies. Classes may also be used to develop collaborative works, through the GOLDs, the performers from the Fan class, or other dance classes.


Have an interesting idea? Get in touch. It’s how CDT started.


Who are we helping at the moment?


Claire Granata and Nick Delatovic are presenting Aerobicide at the You Are Here Festival with a CDT space grant to rehearse.

“TotalSpray™ presents the complete wellness solution for the party crowd! Lifestyle/Microwave Cooking Guru Amelia de Frost and Electro-Punk Spiritualist Babyfreeze will demonstrate the effectiveness of the Aerobicide system by partying with Extreme Wellness for three-hours non-stop! Join them in the dance health revolution of having it all!

Aerobicide: Feel Good is a performance art installation that you can dance along to. You’ll enjoy watching the performers succumb to the physical and existential toll of modern wellness culture, set to a pumping set of mutant dance-pop classics by the acclaimed Dead DJ Joke.”

During this epic three hour routine there will be opportunities to participate in a two minute, flash mob style dance which will be repeated several times throughout the course of the performance. If interested in being part of this event for the You Are Here Festival this April, please contact Canberra Dance Theatre for more information.


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