Sara Yao

You might be familiar with Sara already and see her doing plies and pirouettes in CDT ballet class, however do you know that she has a secret past?

Sara used to be an enthusiastic K-Pop dancer and has had extensive training with K-Pop, Hip-Hop, Urban and street dance since she was 15. She was part of a popular girl’s K-Pop crew that featured regularly on local TV shows, concerts and entertainment events in her home city in China. She had taught classes to students in various age groups and took the role of “Dance Captain” at her university assisting students’ art & dance performing group with training, choreography, and program development for two years.

Wanting to return to her roots to K-Pop, Sara endeavoured to form her own K-Pop crew at CDT. In 2020 she planted her first seeds by inviting her fellow ballerinas to practice a K-Pop dance. This culminated into a successful K-pop and ballet gig – “Pointe & Pop” at end of 2020. In 2021, Sara is excited to share her K-pop knowledge with many more new people and bring the hottest moves to class.

When Sara is not dancing, she works at a legal firm as an admin assistant.