Adult Ballet


Ballet (also called ‘Classical’) is the cherished basis for professional dance, having evolved over several centuries to become a highly graceful dance art form. Though differing techniques have slight variations in placement and vocabulary, they all share a focus on technical placement, posture, fluidity and momentum. Ballet is a foundation for contemporary dance.

Ballet for adults is relaxing, fun, and is a stimulating alternative to the gym. Plus it’s excellent for the mind! You won’t become a professional (truthfully, it’s very unlikely) but you will be more graceful, experience a new level of exercise, and better appreciate ballet performances.

CDT ballet class levels:

Beginner – This class is for those who have never done ballet before, or for those who have had a little ballet or dance experience. It teaches the foundational positions and steps of ballet, with a focus on basic technique and body placement. It’s also a great class if you did ballet as a small child and want to start back slowly.

Elementary – For those with two or three years ballet experience, or if you did a fair amount of ballet as a child and want to get back into it. This class builds your knowledge of ballet steps and technical strength.

Intermediate – For those with 4 or more years of dance experience and a comprehensive knowledge of ballet steps. A good starting place if you have had many years experience as a teenager but have had a break.

Advanced – For those with 5 or more years of dance experience. Extensive knowledge of ballet steps and an assured technique is expected.

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