Online Bookings

Updated: Monday 28 June 2021

CDT is excited to announce that we are implementing a new way of booking into classes and other CDT events!

Click here to sign-up and get started.

Once you’re set up, bookmark and log-in at or look for the Bookeo button:

book now

More information

We are moving away from paper based administrative systems and going online! Our new booking system is called Bookeo and you can now book into class any time you like. Rest assured, for those who either prefer not to use digital systems, or who don’t have the capacity to use them, you’ll still be able to come to classes as easily as you can now.

We’ll transition gradually over the next few months to our new system. Please talk to our wonderful admin assistants if you need any assistance, have questions or if you have some feedback for us.

🗂️ Membership
  • Memberships will be managed online. Once you register, the CDT office will update your profile within 48 hours to reflect your existing membership. Current 2021 memberships will expire on 31 December 2021.
  • From 1 July 2021, new memberships will be on a 12 month rolling basis (e.g. begin 1 July 2021, end 30 June 2022).
🩰 Coming to class and payments
  • Get into the studio faster! See up to date class timetables, book online, pay or use your dance card before class.Online payments are easy through our booking site. You’ll also be able to book online and pay at the studio.
  • Can’t book before class begins? No problem! We can still look after you when you arrive for class.
💳 More about payment for classes
  • Pay online for a casual class – when you book, the payment gateway will walk you through the credit card payment; or
  • Buy and use a digital dance card and Bookeo will know to deduct a class from your balance and present you with this option; or
  • Pay later and use the EFTPOS terminal at the studio (or use the remainder of your paper dance cards during this transition period).
🎫 Dance cards

Dance cards are moving online. Keep track of your remaining classes and expiry dates all in one place. Never lose your dance cards again.

  • Trade-in paper dance cards for digital dance cards: We’ll stop selling paper dance cards from 25 July 2021. You can keep using paper dance cards until 31 October 2021, but you’ll need to trade in any paper dance cards by then.
  • Want to book online and use a paper dance card during the transition to online bookings? Just select “pay later” at checkout and present your paper dance card at the studio.